STRICKLER Meat Processing Equipment

We have been manufacturing safe, high quality, and productive intestine/stomach slitting and intestine cleaning equipment for the meat packing industry, for over 30 years.

Engineered for safety and performance, these machines can substantially improve your output.  Pork stomach machine will do up to 1,200 head per hour.  A pork intestine machine will do up to 300 head per hour.  A beef intestine machine will do up to 150 head per hour.  Made of high quality stainless steel, all of our models will provide you with many years of trouble-free production, with minimal maintenance requirements.

The product is fed into the machine, automatically transported through the slitting station; then through a series of high pressure spray nozzles and stainless steel baffles which thoroughly removes all foreign material.

•USDA approved
•Easy access for maintenance
•Extremely safe operation
•High quality construction
•Beef and pork intestines
•Pork stomachs

Machine Specifications:

Stomach Machine

•Height: 64" Length: 96" Width: 44"
•Blade: 12" SS
•Capacity: Up to 1000/hour
•Water Pressure: 50 lbs./in2 min.
•GPM: 80 gallons min.
•Water Connection: 2" IPS
•Weight: 1000 lbs.
•Discharge: 4" recommended

Dual Chitterling Machine

•Height: 64" Length: 120" Width: 39"
•Blade: 6" SS dual
•Capacity: Up to 300/hour
•Water Pressure: 50 lbs./in2 min.
•GPM: 160 gallons min.
•Water Connection: 2" IPS
•Weight: 1000 lbs.
•Electrical: 220/440, 3ph



STRICKLER Meat Processing Equipment

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