Portable Wastewater Samplers


The portable model QLS – Quick Lift Sampler  (click here for brochure) offers time tested vacuum technology, eliminating the need for costly pump tube replacements and pump maintenance. This portable wastewater sampler is light in weight but big in performance, offering lift capacities of up to 28 feet. It has a fully programmable micro-processor and is virtually maintenance free. Available in composite or sequential, this sampler is the preferred choice of operators desiring sample accuracy and low maintenance.  DC powered, AC available as an option.  Other options include external battery charger.


The portable model CVE-16 (click here for brochure) is a cost saving portable wastewater sampler for operations requiring either flow based (4-20mA or pulses) or time based composite or sequential sampling.  A manual sample can be taken at anytime.  DC powered, AC available as an option.  External battery charger is optional.






Accessories available:

  • Suspension Harness
  • Mounting Span Bar
  • Two wheel dolly for ease of transporting

 Contact QCEC 515-266-2268 for portable composite or sequential wastewater samplers