Indoor Refrigerated Wastewater Samplers


The Century 3000 QLS – Quick Lift Sampler (click here for brochure) provides the "Next Generation" of sampling technology. It delivers accurate, repeatable samples, even with long horizontal runs and high heads. With programmable sample sizes, and a patented "self-calibrating" collection system, these samplers offer performance far superior to peristaltic systems, which require high maintenance and tube replacements.  Available in sequential or composite sampling systems.

The Century 3000 CVE-16 (click here for brochure) relies on proven vacuum technology to deliver better performance and sample integrity than its peristaltic counterparts. This unit provides substantial cost savings for those applications requiring a flow based or time based operation.  Available in sequential or composite sampling systems.



For applications where a refrigerator is not needed or there is an existing refrigerator, the CVE-16-WM would be ideal.  Using the same vacuum technology as the Century 3000 CVE-16, this sampler is reliable and cost effective.   (click here for brochure)    



QCEC's wastewater sampler was named the EPA Sampler of Choice. See this excerpt from the Environmental Protection Agency's document #EPA 907/9-74-005: Section III.A.1.j. QCEC Model

"Because of the high vacuum and the purge cycle this unit seldom clogs and is the compositor of choice for sampling raw wastewaters with high solids levels."

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