Automatic Wastewater Samplers


At the heart of most QCEC wastewater samplers is a heavy duty, commercial grade vacuum pump, which provides years of trouble-free operation.  Many QCEC samplers virtually PAY FOR THEMSELVES in a few short years because of the cost savings in maintenance and tube replacements, as there are NO tubes to replace EVER... Our patented "QLS" system delivers the most accurate, reliable, and repeatable sample sizes of any sampler on the planet.  For those discriminating users desiring the best sampler in the business, and the only EPA published "sampler of choice", please contact us for a quotation.

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QCEC's wastewater sampler was named the EPA Sampler of Choice.  See this excerpt from the Environmental Protection Agency's document #EPA 907/9-74-005:  Section III.A.1.j. QCEC Model

"Because of the high vacuum and the purge cycle this unit seldom clogs and is the compositor of choice for sampling raw wastewaters with high solids levels." 


Contact QCEC 515-266-2268 for information on refrigerated, automatic wastewater samplers.